Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Remember Constructo Straws?

The Ipswich Art Gallery had a climbing web and constructo straws for the kids.  The straws evoked some wonderful creations!

 This creation seemed to be some sort of flying weapon.

 The girls worked together to build a house (and had to defend it numerous times from male invaders/destroyers)

Torso, legs, tail, and feet of a creature.  M added straws to the front of the feet to keep it from tipping forwards.

Tim Tam Cheesecake

So proud of this young chef!

Brisbane Int'l Science Festival

The kids and I spent a day at the Brisbane International Science Festival.  We went mainly to see the sea turtle hatchlings but we also spent time viewing a coral reef through virual reality goggles, making 3D shorebirds (flying and standing) using 2D templates, holding a Golden Orb Spider (E's highlight), holding stick insect hatchlings, and generally exploring the exhibits in the Queensland Museum.  Great day out!